Choosing the Best Ethereum Wallet

Just signed up for Ethereum but don’t have a wallet? Well, we’re gonna show you how to select an Ethereum wallet properly.

Regular Desktop User

Downloading and installing a desktop Ethereum wallet is hard. It takes up around 50 GB of space on your hard drive, and expands by 1-2 GB per month! For most of you, hard drive space doesn’t grow on trees and needs to be conserved. Did you know that Bitcoin’s blockchain size totals more than 80 GB? That’s 80 movies you could have stored, or millions of articles you could have written. The only reason you would ever get a full desktop setup is if you were a developer making D’Apps (Decentralized Applications) for the chain. In that case, it is a necessity to store that for your app, as development is important and requires fully-featured tools.

So if you’re a developer, it’s recommended you download an application called geth. Geth provides you a command line interface to write commands from, and allows you to setup your own RPC servers for communication between decentralized apps and the blockchain. Transactions are easy to create and handle once you get a hang of it, but there is a learning curve as the documentation is poorly written. So if you’re a developer, prepare to spend some long hours figuring out how to create accounts and send Ether!

However, if you’re just a beginner and want to explore more about Ethereum, it’s simpler and more secure to go with an online wallet. They provide you the safety and security of a desktop wallet, but with the ease of mobile use – allowing you to use the application from anywhere. We’ll be covering that in the next section, so read on!

Mobile Smartphone User

Millions of people use their smartphone every day. Some even use their phone exclusively, not using their desktop for weeks! If that sounds like you, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Since mobile users want ease of use with the least amount of hassle managing their funds, it is best to choose a browser wallet online. This way, there’s no need to download sketchy applications from the App store or Google Play. After all, many of these applications are unofficial and not safe since it’s incredibly easy to have an application approved. This rules out downloadable app mobile wallets from the app store completely.

All the Smartphones

The best solution is to use a website that fully supports mobile users. You can securely access your funds from both a mobile phone and a desktop computer. Hence, we recommend the best Ethereum wallet at ethereum-wallet. Their security is about as good as you can get from the industry (cold storage). And they’ve been around for quite a long time. The interface is really easy and intuitive to use, so check them out!

Using the Online Wallet Service

Now that you’ve chosen the best Ethereum wallet, you’ll probably want to know a few basics about it. First of all, sign into your account. Go to the dashboard and hit the “New Address” button. An address will be generated that allows you to send and receive Ether from your account. If you want to learn more, read more about Ethereum here or read the main page of the ethereum wallet to find out how to purchase Ether.